Unable to update Nvidia proprietary drivers (GUI and CLI)

I’m running Manjaro KDE v21.1.6 with a 5.14.10-1 kernel. I have a RTX 2060 super. The current driver on my system is 470.63 according to the nvidia settings applet. According to the nvidia website the latest version is 470.86. I tried updating the driver via the GUI and after a reboot the driver was unchanged. Next, I used the following command in the terminal:
sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300

After rebooting, again the driver was unchanged. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @ghoultek,

The drivers aren’t updated separately from everything else. They get updated when the rest of the updates land. So, you do have the latest drivers. AFAIK, anyway.

I thought the video drivers would be updated when doing following:
sudo pacman -Syyu

However, version 470.63 of the nvidia driver is behind the latest at the nvidia website (v470.86) and other Linux distros are running v470.7x and v470.8x.

Firstly, this:

Is Arch Linux’ pacman, and while it works with Manjaro and well at that, I recommend pamac. Because it’s made by Manjaro for Manjaro.

For updating on the command line, run:

pamac update

Secondly, yes, the drivers might be available on the Nvidia website, and yes, they might be available on other distros. Manjaro isn’t Other distros. It’s a curated rolling release. Meaning it and all software in the repos get tested before being rolled out for general use. And this has caught many problems before, especially with the Nvidia drivers, so I’d say this is good.


Keep your eye on the #announcements, for update anouncements.

Also, if you want the latest software quicker, you can switch branches, to the unstable or testing branch.

Thank you. I’ve been following the wiki, which is where I got the command from ==> Pacman Overview - Manjaro


The wiki is in the process of being updated and I am unsure if that part is still relevant or not.

However, pacman is Arch Linux’s package manager, like I mentioned. And while it is awesome, according to me, it is not for Manjaro. Because Manjaro aims to be more user-friendly than Arch, AFAIK.

Please note: I want to make this very clear: there is nothing wrong with pacman. It’s just a lot more hands-on than pamac. So it’s more advanced. Those that prefer it, cool. For Manjaro, however, I recommend pamac, for the mentioned reasons.

Hence why I recommend pamac. It does most of the heavy-lifting for you, thanks to Manjaro Team 's hard work.

Also, I don’t have the foggiest idea how GPU and/or other drivers are installed in Arch Linux, but I recommend mhwd for Manjaro.

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