Unable to update kernel due to an Nvidia conflict

New installation, 20.0.3, but when I try to upgrade from linux-56 kernel to linux-57 or 58 the installation abort du to the 440.x Nvidia driver.

:: installing nvidia-440xx-utils (440.100-1) breaks dependency ‘nvidia-440xx-utils=440.82’ required by linux56-nvidia-440xx

linux56 is not supported anymore. Please install another kernel via mhwd-kernel. See also our wiki.

The ISO was download this morning and it did install Linux-56 kernel.

The problem was with the graphical update utility. When I tried to update it download the package but would not install them and then would subsequently report that the system was up to date.

When updating via the terminal it does ask you to update the 56 kernel but with the community version. I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do at first. Bu if you say yes it then proceed to update to Linux-57 later on.

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