Unable to update AUR packages

I tried rebuilding the database n such… it refuses to allow me to update packages

Try sudo pacman -Syyu first, then try to update the AUR packages.

that reports that there is nothing to do. I have run the command half a dozen times already

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack 5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

At Apply transaction ? … Enter Yes (default is Not)

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pamac update -a

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haha very funny. doesnt matter what I do, it doesnt work

You have a peculiar sense of humor I guess.

quoted the wrong thing sorry

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just tried that, it did not fix the issue

You’re cancelling the transaction by not selecting Y when it asks you:
Apply transaction ? [e/Y/N]

Just press Y there.

Since you seem to have a corrupt database these commands might fix that:
pamac clean
pamac upgrade --force-refresh --no-aur

If these are not successful this page might have some options

Yes that fixed it! thanks!

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