Unable to update all packages

I recently instally Manjaro (GNOME edition) using the latest iso in my VM!
Unfortunately pacman and pamac is not updating all packages to latest versions!

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You can just paste preformatted text. Image is useless.
As you can see, you’re already up to date.

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sudo pacman -Scc && sudo pacman -Syu && pamac update -a --force-refresh
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Bro the latest version in gnome is 46.1 not 45.4

With useless info you provided, I’m assuming you’re on stable branch. And bro, stable branch isn’t made of software that was just released 5 minutes ago. So maybe familiarize yourself with OS you’re using – you can find all the necessary info in various wikis or on this forum.

For example:


Bro - what a fun word that is. :sunglasses:

This is a support forum, not a social network.

Please see:

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