Unable to start GUI after crash

So I was trying to get matlab to work, and in the middle of the process my laptop stopped responding, so I restarted it, however after booting, GUI doesn’t start up, and I’m stuck with a blank screen. I can login via tty, and after running ls, I saw that there is a file named CRASH_ID.txt which contains the following: 331a0f775c.

I can navigate using tty, and all my files appear to be there, but the GUI doesn’t start.
I ran the laptops hardware diagnostics from the boot screen, ant it’s fine.

While trying to get matlab, I ran their install script which returned an error, and in trying to solve it, I messed with libharfbuzz files in /usr/lib. I tried to move them to a subdirectory, but it didn’t work so I returned them. Now I’m here in my Uni break writing this from my tablet.
Is there a solution which doesn’t require a reinstall?

The laptop is Lenovo ThinkPad E14, with Ryzen 5 4500U and 16 GB of RAM. I use Manjaro Gnome.

That is a problem as you don’t know which system files has been replaced.

Always use the package manager to install and in case of custom packages - use a PKGUILD to build and install the application.

Use the Timeshift app to restore your system to a working state.

Or you could use a live ISO to and enter a chroot on the installed system.

Otherwise impossible to say, as it is not known what caused your system to crash.

Ok, thank you for answering.
I used their script because installing from the AUR failed.
However, I used timeshift to restore my system successfuly.
Thank you, again.

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