Unable to set default application in KDE

Hi, I have been facing this issue since the beginning, but now i am frustrated with it.

On starting the chrome, it shows “Set as Default”, I click on it and i goes. When i checked the system settings i found, chrome is already set as default browser

I need to work with PostgreSQL, so i installed pgadmin4, After installing it, i am no longer open any url / html file in chrome. I had to uninstall the pgadmin4, clear all caches and then open the urls in chrome. This is truly frustrating and inefficient

So when i open any URL from console, or even xdg-open https://google.com

Maybe you should set this in File Associations?

Yeah try editing the html and the xhtml type like this

Already done that bro :stuck_out_tongue: still same problem

Not only problem with html files, but also with links (from the terminal)

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I’m having the same issue i recently switched to kde and i do remember having the same issue with xfce but i didn’t have that issue for long and i don’t remember how it got fixed . i just tested this on another xfce machine and it works perfectly . I’m not sure if this is a kde issue or manjaro issue

Did you get any solutions?

I installed thunar and then changed the default file manager to thunar and all of a sudden my default application for web browser is working perfectly fine as well as file manager

btw for me it was painful for me to get pgadmin4 working in linux (downgrading flask or running in docker ) . dbeaver-ce is great alternative .

sudo snap install dbeaver-ce