Unable to set default application in KDE

Hi, I have been facing this issue since the beginning, but now i am frustrated with it.

On starting the chrome, it shows “Set as Default”, I click on it and i goes. When i checked the system settings i found, chrome is already set as default browser

I need to work with PostgreSQL, so i installed pgadmin4, After installing it, i am no longer open any url / html file in chrome. I had to uninstall the pgadmin4, clear all caches and then open the urls in chrome. This is truly frustrating and inefficient

So when i open any URL from console, or even xdg-open https://google.com

Maybe you should set this in File Associations?

Yeah try editing the html and the xhtml type like this

Already done that bro :stuck_out_tongue: still same problem

Not only problem with html files, but also with links (from the terminal)