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I’m new to inux but this seems weird to me. I just installed Linux onto two different laptops of mine. ON the older one, I installed Kubuntu. The clock is correct (Jerusalem, Israel GMT +2). On my other laptop, I installed Manjaro (KDE). I have both set up to dual boot with WIndows 10. Here’s the problem on the Manjaro laptop. When I boot into Windows, the time is correct. When I restart into Manjaro, the clock says it’s on Jerusalem time, but it’s two hours ahead. And I can’t fix it. I downloaded Gnome clocks app but that’ s also two hourts ahead.

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Here is a good wiki entry which explains how to set-up the time zone, also in a dual boot situation:

Take special notice of this section of the page via the link provided by @Wollie:

UTC in Windows

To dual boot with Windows it is recommended to configure Windows to use UTC, rather than Linux to use localtime. (Windows by default uses localtime [1].)

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All fixed! Thanks for the help!

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