Unable to select OS on boot

Ahead of time sorry if this has already been asked, I looked but didn’t find anything.
When I boot my system and it shows which OS to boot to, I am unable to actually select one of them. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, mouse, wasd keys, or even the f keys. I am unsure if it is an issue with my install or what. Again sorry if it’s already been asked. I tried searching, but didn’t find anything

recheck info

inxi -Mxa ( check for UEFI only , not UEFI[legacy] or Bios )
test -d /sys/firmware/efi && echo efi || echo bios

in your UEFI motherboard

disable secure boot
disable fastboot
disks on AHCI
no legacy
no CSM
UEFI only or others ( not windows )

you should see
UEFI < USB vendor name > < partition 1 > → boot in EFI

can you provide

inxi -Fza 

Disabling fast boot worked. Thank you I appreciate your help.

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