Unable to satisfy dependency 'cython0' required by python-gbinder

Typically I just wait and eventually the problem goes away, but I want to post this question to regardless to learn.

I get this error when I try to install python-gbinder

but I seem to have cython installed:

From my reading I learned its best to err on the side of caution and no try to force an install through with pip, so I am avoiding it and opting to use the package manager instead because of the dependency mess it can create.

What is the underlying issue that causes this, when it seems the dependency is installed but I get an error saying it is?

The make dependency for python-gbinder was changed from cython to cython0.


cython0 is available only in unstable branch at the moment.

As you can see - there is no actual update, the version for python-gbinder is the same, so I recommend you to wait until cython0 lands to your branch.

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Thank you! That knowledge was what I was looking for.

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