Unable to remove external volume

Hi. Is there a reason opening files from an external volume creates a file.so process? It makes it unable to extract it until I terminate the process. I checked it in htop and it attributes it to klauncher slave socket. I used the drive earlier today in manjaro with no change to the system but just now it’s doing that.
Would my external drive be in any danger? after I terminate the process and click on extract drive safely it does not give me the “drive can be removed safely” message but the LED on the drive turns off and it doesn’t show on dolphin so I assume it unmounted safely. This only happens if I open a file on the drive, if I just browse the drive I can remove it safely without problems, this started after I plugged in another drive and some files gave me an error when I tried to open them.

Hey, @Kyoketsu9513! Check out this thread: "file.so" preventing drive from unmounting - #12 by winnie

Does it sound like your issue? Just letting you know not to give up or worry, as your problem might be resolved with the next updates of KDE Framework.

Here is the main bug report (with duplicate reports in the comments): 434455 – kinit doesn't terminate "file.so" and the partition cannot be unmounted.

You can get around this in the meantime by ending the processes named “file.so” before attempting to eject/unmount the external drive or network share.

UPDATE: Update your system and test it out now. Looks like the patch (from the bug reports) made it from upstream into the Manjaro stable updates. :+1:

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