Unable to open apps

After i have i installed the exe file i click on it to run it but instead it opens the exe for it instead of running the exe. The file also has the windows icon instead of the icon for the app.

Edit: this happens for nearly every app i install

What “exe file”? Why do you think a Windows executable will work on a GNU/Linux distribution?

What applications are you installing and from where?

We should not have to play 20 Questions with you to find out what your issue is.

Please see the following and edit both your topic title and first post accordingly.


I think you are yet a bit confused about how and what programs to install on Linux. .exe Files, like for Windows, that you just download from the internet are not functional on Linux (not without further action, which is not the point of this post). This is due to being two different architectures, imagine metaphorically speaking two different Languages. In example, one is speaking portuguese and the other japanese. Without some external help they will probably not understand each other. At the moment you are giving your computer a book to read in a language that it doesn’t unterstand.

Back to technicallities. With Manjaro you use Pamac to install programs from a store/repository, it may be called “Add/Remove Software” on your Computer though. There you have a selection of programs available to use. This should be your first place to look, if you want to install something.

There are other ways to install programs. Most common would be using Steam to download games. There also exist many other ways, but this should be your last option and requires that you get further understanding of what Linux and Manjaro are.

Also in the future it would be good if you could formulate a precise question to what your problem is, and what you want to achieve. Also further information on what kind of system you have, helps to find the right person to help you.

Remember that we all here are volunteers and not paid workers :slight_smile:

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