Unable to mount iPhone (iOS 14) filesystem in KDE

Hi guys,

I am unable to mount my iPhone filesystem (iOS 14) to Manjaro KDE.

Only the camera filesystem shows up.

I have installed libimobiledevice and iFuse… And still no luck.

Suprisingly it worked just fine on Manjaro Gnome a week ago. Yes I moved from Gnome to KDE :smiley:

I have tried literally everything but still no luck. Can someone Pls help. I will admit I’m a noob to Linux.

Have a look if gvfs-afc is installed

Yes this is installed by default.

Still no luck :frowning:

Try to write mtp:/ in dolphin’s path.

How do I use this?

In the path, on top of Dolphin’s window, write mtp:/ and press enter.

What happen next? Does it solved?

See the tutorial:

I can not test it because I do not have iPhone. Apple does not support Linux well. Go Android or Linux phone :slight_smile:

So glad to hear from you. :blush: I have look something like that and Arch wiki about IOS .

recognnize as a camera

This is done by system auto. But only two option(2, 3 in picture) could be used.
Choose others(1, 4) will not happen anything.

Option 2 is use Dolphin look through photos in Iphone in PTP mode. Could export. But can not copy photo into iphone.

Option 3 is use Gwenview to export photos to PC


ifuse usbmuxd libplist libimobiledevice

software mentioned above are all installed by pamac(AUR enable) few days ago.

 [kearney@xx ~]$ idevicepair pair
ERROR: Could not validate with device 7e82c because a passcode is set. Please enter the passcode on the device and retry.
[kearney@xx ~]$ idevicepair pair
SUCCESS: Paired with device 7e82c
[kearney@xx ~]$ sudo dmesg | grep -i iphone
[  452.004353] usb 1-2: Product: iPhone
[  452.896776] ipheth 1-2:4.2: Apple iPhone USB Ethernet device attached
[kearney@xx ~]$ ifuse ~/Public/

The difference between this screenshot and How to Connect iPhone to Arch Linux is that on the left side of Dolphin in the Device Panel, there is not iphone.

Copy files from it or to it is working. But in the dir DCIM, the file(mp4 or jpg) I copy into /home/kearney/Public/DCIM/107APPLE/ or /home/kearney/Public/Downloads/ will not be shown on my Iphone.

I have see some text about ifuse, it can not show the app sanbox. So import video, music is problem. This still need ITunes or other software on Windows.

to install ifuse in kde, use, pamac build ifuse