Unable to login on my laptop because of not responding keyboard


I have an older acer laptop with manjaro 20.3 installed on it. The problem is that I cannot login. The weird thing is that it reboots normally but the only thing that seems to have problems is my keyboard. This is not so fun because I cannot do a thing.

I had also an external usb mouse that didn’t work, but that was before the login problem and a reboot sorted it out thankfully. My mouse is working fine
now but my keyboard which is build into the laptop does not respond to any keystroke. My touchpad is also dead.

What I have tried is rebooting the system again, no response. I don’t know what’s wrong and it seems I cannot do anything like looking into settings because my keyboard won’t work obviously, plus I would have to log in first anyway.

If someone could help me out that would be very nice. I need this laptop at school and now I cannot do anything. I thought all the problems were gone after I successfully installed Manjaro LXDE 20.3 (which they did) but now it only got worse.


Identical problem here on my old Acer Aspire E-15. When I updated in June or July I solved the problem by doing a clean install of KDE 20.2.
This time I updated, the keyboard didn’t work. So backed up and did a new install with 20.3 and keyboard still doesn’t work.

If I boot from the USB the keyboard works normally.
I wonder if it is the kernel?? I notice that the live USB uses 5.6, the install is running 5.7.15.
Is there a way to install and revert back to the LTS, 5.4 without having to input the password?
Is there a virtual keyboard?


At least this could help the helpers to have an idea: inxi -Fazy

I have not seen a virtual keyboard nor tried using an external usb keyboard (I have one at home but I am not at home yet). I will first try using an external usb keyboard (my mouse works so I am confident that keyboard will) and if that doesn’t work I will reinstall Manjaro (if nothing else works or there is no other option). This wont be a problem because all my files are backed up from my previous install recently. What I will do upon install is enable the option to automatically logg in (no secure logg in with password anymore but that is not the most important to me; only I use this laptop). That will hopefully help and I am at least bypassing the logg in screen without keyboard use. Other than that, I don’t know anymore and maybe I will switch distros, but that will be unlikely I guess…

I found a workaround, which involves an external usb keyboard. It works, but my internal keyboard didn’t work. I thought this was the case as my mouse also worked. I finally don’t have to reinstall it but it still isn’t pretty, carrying around an extra keyboard when your pc already has one.

But at least it works and that’s the main thing. I can’t tell if the internal keyboard wil start working again but hopefully yes. Until then, I will carry my external keyboard with me (which fits in my bag easily as it’s made for it😆).

Now I can at least start looking for a fix and no reinstall :+1:(I hate that; it takes too long and is frustrating but thankfully I don’t have important stuff on it I can yust teinstall everything that’s couse I use cloud storage and cloud documents like google docs. Other than that I only had 8gb on it so that was an easy data transfer to another unit).

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