Unable to login in any microsoft site

I am new to manjaro, coming from windows 10. I am somehow not able to login though any miceosoft site. on any browser. i have tried chrome ,firefox , brave,vivaldi . I am currently using kde-plasma and it was an issue with gnome as well so i switched in the first place . Is it somethinng that can be fixed ??

Specific site(s)? Error Message(s)?

I can log on to my throw-away outlookDOTcom site with no problems.

Hi Dhyey, welcome to the forum, we are not clairvoyant, so please read this:

This is probably you, since it happens on all browsers and editions.
Are you sure you are using the right account, password, 2fa combinations?
Maybe your account is locked out?

What is the error you get?

I dont get any error I enter the link to outlook and it just dosen’t load the page no matter how long I wait

Basic triage then:
I suppose you are using the machine right now on this forum so there is some network.
Do you use https://outlook.com ? (in my case it redirects me to https://outlook.live.com/owa/
Does another site like https://www.google.com work?
If this forum works works there might be something wrong with your network settings or DNS resolver.

This might be a long shot since it travels through installs, do you have the right keyboard/locale/language settings selected?

same probleme any microsoft website / teams, live share say unable to connect
this is very anoying
the email , password is ok because he save my account

nothing on iptables very strange

this is the second time (on two diffrents computer) that it does it to me, I had reinstalled manjaro the first i want to sole this

i have a dual boot a i d’ont have this on windows
please help

ok i solve it
this is very strange

you need to check your timezone , chek that your computer date is correct