Unable to load into gui - Errors when booting

I will start off by saying I tend to lurk and dig to try to fix things rather than posting. However, I am not sure what to do on this one as there are limited topics on the issue as far as I could find. And being of moderate to intermediate skill when it comes to linux, I figured this would be a good place to start.

Today, I had updated my Pinephone through the terminal. There were only four things of note that I can think of.

Prior to updating, I had connected my pinephone to my manjaro machine via bluetooth. After that, I had removed ffmpeg-pp and installed ffmpeg, changed password as stated in terminal, and there being a bit about stock ram speeds and Uboot I believe.

After letting it reboot , I found that there was no real gui to speak of. At first, it was two errors and a cursor that I could move. The amount of errors has since increased.

Errors are as follows:

[ 6.218052] musb-sunxi 1c19000.usb: Invalid or missing ‘dr_mode’ property
[ 6.394744] iio iio:device3: failed to read Who-Am-I register.

[ 6.218052] musb-sunxi 1c19000.usb: Invalid or missing ‘dr_mode’ property
[ 6.394744] iio iio:device3: failed to read Who-Am-I register.
[ 8.232800] gc2145 3-003c: gc2145_write_regs: error -6: addr=fe, data=00

[ 6.171033] musb-sunxi 1c19000.usb: Invalid or missing ‘dr_mode’ property
[ 6.413576] iio iio:device3: failed to read Who-Am-I register.
[ 6.435261] i2c i2c-1: mv64xxx_i2cfsm: Ctlr Error – state:0x2, status:0x0, addr:0x48, flag:0x0
[ 6.444762] stk3310 1-0048: register read failed
[ 8.232800] gc2145 3-003c: gc2145_write_regs: error -6: addr=fe, data=00

The system seemed to be up and running as I could login under TTY and run commands, although I have yet to try it again after these new errors.

Any help or insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Same here after update via the Terminal. I only see the two messages in the first block quote.
Something in the last package update batch causes this since last (or the one before?) week it was still up-to-date and booting into the GUI.

The issues seems to have been encountered by others a few days ago but no real responses at After recent update: Invalid or missing 'dr_mode' property

Other topics I came across refering to the initial error message


Hi Firewave,

I had seen the GitLab post but was unsure how closely related it was seeing as how it was from a year ago and listed under mobian.

The pine64 forum link you supplied was one of potentially two I found from there that could apply to this issue, the other being as follows:
Won’t boot - Failed to read Who-Am-I register

As for the kernel portion, while I can make portions of it out, I’ll be completely honest… The thread is a bit in the weeds for me.

Edit: formatting

As a heads up, I just ran pacman -Syyu from the TTY and it pulled a new Kwin. Currently testing but it looks like all of those issues have been fixed with that new package.

Did the same and it boots to the GUI again.

Only thing I recognized is that all the icons in the app overview are now blurry - they are fine on the home screen. Guess another fallout from the Plasma update…

Well, after a bit of testing I can say that the update mostly fixed the issues listed.

However, a different yet similar issue has cropped up. Now the phone will boot all the way into the pin/password screen, but after logging in it loads in to a black screen with a cursor and the only thing available is the task switcher in the corner.

I can still access the TTY and I cannot see anything out of the ordinary. I will also add the prior to these new issues there was some artifacting, screen tearing, the screen was jumping around on a scroll, and general alignment issues.

Looks like its back to square one…

Edit: I threw a grep fail at systemctl and found an entry

loaded failed failed Quectel EG25 modem

Not sure what to make of it…

I’ve had this issue in the past and one of two things have helped (don’t know which since I tried both before rebooting so could have been either (or neither!!))

Option 1 - If you can connect to your phone from with ssh try deleting your KDE cache folder (backing it up first off the phone)

tar -cvzf cache.tar.gz ./.cache
rm -r ~/.cache

And then rebooting

Option 2 - This one is slightly more involved
Boot into a live image through the SD Card and chroot into your eMMC system.
(Only do this if your main installation is on eMMC)

sudo su -
# do this to mount emmc system
mkdir /mnt/emmc
mount /dev/mmcblk2p2 /mnt/emmc/
mount -t proc /proc /mnt/emmc/proc/
mount --rbind /sys /mnt/emmc/sys/
mount --rbind /dev /mnt/emmc/dev/
mount -o bind /run /mnt/emmc/run/
# chroot into the system
chroot /mnt/emmc
systemctl mask systemd-rfkill.service
systemctl mask systemd-rfkill.socket
exit && reboot

Hoopefully this works for you like it did for me!

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Unfortunately, both suggestions did not seem to work for me as the problems still persisted.

After fighting with this for a while on my own, I had conceded to the fact that the issues I was having were well over my head and ended up flashing the latest PlaMo image to the eMMC. After that, everything is mostly running like a top.

I appreciate everyone who took the time to try and help.

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