Unable to get SABNZBD working

I am unable ot get SABNZBD working. Last time I succeeded in doing so, there were too many errors. Can´t remember what I exactly did , buy after re-installing the program, it doesn´t show up. Download-folders are stuck in VAR, errors about not found API etc.
Is there a solution for this? My Python has version 3.9 I followed instructions on SABNZBD website, an googled around, but nothing works. My last hope was to install it from pamac again, but it doesn´t show up in my browser.
Thnx in Advance

I know this does not answer your query, but it may be of some help.
Pan is a very good standalone newsreader that can handle .nzb and is SSL capable, . It is available in the repositories. It is similar to the old Windows software Microplanet Gravity (SuperGravity) and Forte Agent.

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I strongly encourage to use docker for this purpose.

docker run \
    --name=sabnzbd \
    -e PUID="$(id -u)" \
    -e PGID="$(id -g)" \
    -p \
    -p \
    -v "$HOME/.config/sabnzbd:/config" \
    -v "$HOME/Downloads:/downloads" \

Afterwards, you have it running on localhost:8080.