Unable to download MMS messages

Hello! I am brand new to the forums and pretty new to manjaro. I have a pinephone and have plasma mobile beta9 running currently. As far as functionality, it works pretty well except MMS gives me the option to download the messages, but I am unable to do so. I have edited the apn setting as allowed in Spacebar, but am pretty sure that I must be missing something. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? (Thank you in advance.)

Where plasma mobile beta 9 ?

It is on the GitHub release page. I haven’t seen an update here in the forums, though.

As noted earlier in this thread, it includes Plasma Mobile Gear 21.12, which made the switch to modem manager.

This is probably: MMS won't work over WiFi (#30) · Issues · Plasma Mobile / Spacebar · GitLab

Try turning off WiFi (and turning on mobile data if it is not already enabled).

The Spacebar developers need to fix Spacebar to access the APN over the correct interface.

Sadly, it does not seem to be as simple as turning off WiFi as the same failure persisted. It is good to know that it may be an issue rooted in Spacebar…maybe? At least, it is nice to have a specific application as the likely culprit.

Spacebar is the SMS and MMS application in Plasma Mobile, so it is definitely the application to blame if MMS is not working. Though of course it may be an issue in the lower layers that Spacebar relies on, e.g., in ModemManager.

Did you set up your providers information in the Spacebar settings?

These are not detected automatically, so you need to set them manually.

I did make sure to input my providers info (Mint Mobile) in Spacebar’s settings, though there is potentially some information that may be required by the provider that is not available to input in Spacebar.

I have Mintmobile and I entered the info from the mint mobile site the mmsc part and it works but I also set my APN to Mint and Wholesale on the sim card I also have the newest Manajro Plasma Mo. I hope that info points you in the right direction.

Sorry about that; I was away for the holiday and left my pinephone behind unexpectedly.

After double checking everything, I realized that I had mistyped “Wholesale” so it wouldn’t work for MMS, though it worked for SMS for whatever reason. Anyway, I have MMS working! I know it’s not a perfect phone, but I am excited and plan to try this as my daily driver. One notable downside is my office has terrible reception and I will need to make sure to switch on WiFi and use xmpp during the day and switch back outside of those times.

Does anyone else have experience with how the messages will catch up after that time under PlaMo? (I would expect just like normal, it would be delivered by the carrier once reception is again available.