Unable To Download And Install KDE Window Decoration?


On a fresh install of Manjaro KDE.
When I try to download and install a KDE window decoration nothing happens?
Any ideas?
(also downloading and installing KDE widgets has problems as well?)


KDE servers (used by the Settings manager) possibly.

Facing the same issues.

A workaround is to,

  1. See if it’s available via the repositories or AUR


  1. Download the archive file directly from kde-look.org and manually install it


I did download the window decoration.
But how do I install it into System Settings?
I don’t see a load from disk option there.


They seriously removed that option…?

I could have sworn there was a button to manually install a theme from a .tar.gz file.

You can try this method:

kpackagetool5 -t Plasma/LookAndFeel -i NameOfFile.tar.gz

EDIT: I’m 99% sure there was an “Install from file” option.

The heck are these KDE devs doing? They actually removed that feature?

    ~/Desktop  kpackagetool5 -t Plasma/LookAndFeel -i 136510-air-oxygen-color.tar.gz                  ✔ 
QDBusConnection: error: could not send signal to service "" path "/KPackage/air-oxygen-color" interface "org.kde.plasma.kpackage" member "packageInstalled": Invalid object path: /KPackage/air-oxygen-color
Successfully installed /home/jlp/Desktop/136510-air-oxygen-color.tar.gz
    ~/Desktop 

I’ll bite my tongue about my thoughts of KDE’s recent development and direction…

I suppose we’ll just wait for the built-in tool to work again.

It’s not only the KDE Window Decorations.
I get Errors on all ‘Get New…’ Dialogs under Appearance. :slightly_frowning_face:
Tried to install Nordic Global Theme and used the workaround by intalling it with pamac (kvantum and nordic for kvantum) but the windows decorations looks nevertheless kinda broken.

Some windows looks fine, other have wrong colours in the titelbar (no, not gtk-programs… :wink:)

Any hints? Should i get rid of kvantum and use the normal nordic theme instead?

Its a little bit confusing…

Ok, playtime… I hope you learned about ‘plasmaconfigsaver’ before you started tweaking…

Add that widget and save your current setup first… it’ll save your terminal and latte configuration too… so if you edited the colours of something like Event Calendar, and installed some strange and wonderful cursor set, and then tweaked your Konsole terminal font colours to suit your current theme - it’ll save that as a separate config.

Sometimes the downloads don’t work too well - though I did just manage to get the Nordic decorations and they work well (I just don’t like those circles - but I could live with just keeping a red circle for ‘close’ and removing all the others).

So make sure you look at installing Lightly, also Material (which you can put the menu inline in the window titlebar, a nice alternative to the dropdown style vs global menu inline style).

Then just try again another time - sometimes the store doesn’t work well - so maybe another day.

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Does anyone know of a work-around?
Have everything perfect on this new desktop except window decoration…

I just opened settings, ‘Get New Window Decorations’ and installed Nordic.
Works perfectly, sorry. Maybe you messed something up in your home directory…

If that dialogue doesn’t work right, and it is a pig (quite often you’ll get some ‘Unknown API error’ then the workaround is 1. Find the source of the decoration and 2. install it.

Generally the first step is internet search. Try ‘KDE window decoration Nord’.
This brings up results - the first being KDE store.

Then you search the store, and find there is ‘Nordic.tar.xz’ with an ‘Install’ button next to it.

Then click install.

If that isn’t working, then you need to install ocs-url (use terminal or Pamac ‘add/remove’ in the menu).

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ocs-url worked, thank you!

It works again because they fixed their issue upstream.

You can once again download/install directly from the the GUI. Try it now to see. I just installed several Window Decorations using the KDE settings GUI.

Settings → Appearance → Window Decorations

No need to use manual methods, third-party tools, or alternative routes (until KDE breaks it again.) :wink:

Ah, it works now!
The World is saved!

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Thx, after uninstalling und reinstall its all fine now :slight_smile:
…and yes, is sved my config with plasmaconfigsaver before :wink:
only got issues with nordic-cursors, but breeze cursors are quite fine…

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