Unable to delete some folders

i am unable to delete certain folders in root directory

i want to delete one of my timeshift backup because it is not showing in my timeshift app
& is occupying over 50gb space at “/run/timeshift/backup”

i am low on disk space i want to delete it asap please help

You need do it as administrator

Hey man, use this command here. That should work.
sudo rm -rf [directory] :grinning:

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sudo rm -rf [path_to_the_folder]


cd /run/timeshift
sudo rm -rf backup


cd /run
sudo rm -rf timeshift


@realmain @anon55802073 What’s the big deal? He’s not that stupid that he can’t put that damn directory there. :unamused:

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sorry, that’s not what I meant either … :roll_eyes:

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/run/timeshift/backup is a temporary mount.

My ‘timeshfit’ folder is actually /mnt/T4/timeshift, but when you run timeshift and tell it where your snapshots are (on /mnt/T4 or whatever) it creates a temporary /run mount point.

Can you physically browse your timeshift folder in Dolphin and confirm it’s the same one?

thanks guys
but i was late in seeing your replies
so i did something else instead, i installed nemo(default file manager of linux mint) then ran it as root , it worked

next time i will do what you guys said
thanks again