Unable to create a bootable usb-stick

I just downloaded the ISO-File of the KDE-Version of Manjaro at the official website. I don’t succeed produce a bootable usb-stick with Rufus. I can copy the file on the the usb-stick, but Rufus gives me the following note:

“Das ausgewählte Abbild ist vom Typ ISOHybrid aber der Ersteller hat es nicht mit dem ISO/Datei Kopier-Modus kompatibel gemacht. Deswegen wird der DD-Schreibmodus benutzt.”

Rufus does copy the file on the stick, but the stick is not bootable. The same problem happens with Etcher, that is to say I even don’t receive a feedback from Etcher. I never had any problems using Rufus with other copies, i.e. Linux Mint or kubuntu.

It would me nice to get a hint to solve the problem.


Do not ‘copy’ the raw .iso file to the USB stick! Let Rufus do its thing.

… or:
use yet another program to create a bootable usb stick


you install the program
the program is then used to prepare and format the usb

after that is done -
you simply copy the iso file to that usb stick
depending on how much memory it has - how large it is
you can copy multiple different iso’s to it
and then choose which one you want to boot from