Unable to copy files to a samba share using dolphin

Hi all, I could copy properly files from my local machine to a samba share, from my nas, using dolphin, but at some point (I do not know when) I can’t.

Basically when I try to copy something from my local machine (eg: ~/file.txt) to the samba share using dolphin, it fails saying “Could not rename partial file smb://myserver.local/Share/file.txt.part. Please check permissions…” but it is weird because if I press the skip button, a file called “file.txt.part” is created on my share, so it does not look a permissions thing.

Even more weird is the fact that, once I am in the samba share inside dolphin, and I copy something from the share folder (ctr+c) to the same share folder (ctr+v) … it works properly.

I have followed the steps defined on Using_Samba_in_your_File_Manager from the manjaro wiki (I have installed all the packages for dolphin and my user is in the sambashare group)

Initially the shares are not mounted on my my machine. I access them using the dolphin wizard: Remote->Network->Shared Folders (SMB) ->myserver->Share

If I mount the samba share through the console (sudo mount …) and I repeat again the same copy, it can be done properly.

So my impression is something related to the configuration of Dolphin. I have checked forum but I couldn’t see anybody with this weird behavior.

Thanks in advance

It has very probably nothing to do with Dolphin but with the enhanced security that the new version of the samba client implements so:

  1. Update your NAS software
  2. If that doesn’t help, downgrade the minimum security level on your client in /etc/samba/smb.conf in section [global] parameter client min protocol to NT1 and restart the samba service.


Note: If you did #2 ensure your NAS is absolutely, definitely not connected to the Internet :exclamation:

Hi! I bumped into this post while searching for an answer to a problem of my own. I think there could be a connection. Whenever I try to copy a file from a NTFS to my home (ext4) I get an “errno: 18” on dolphin. Three things are worth mentioning:

a) I don´t get any error when copying inside my ext4 system
b) likewise, I don’t get any error when copying inside the NTFS system.
c) I can copy the same file to the same location (ie. from NTFS to ext4) using thunar or nautilus.

The error only manifests when trying to copy between the two different file systems (in any direction).

Could there be a connection with this issue? Any clues? Does anybody know what is “error 18” related to dolphin?

Thanks in advance,