Unable to connect to VPN after upgrade

Hi All, I’m running Manjaro Mate on a Raspberry Pi 400. After an upgrade yesterday I can no longer connect to my VPN.
The wired network has changed from eth0 to end0. It will connect to other computers on the same network locally but I have to disable the UFW rules as they require a TUN connection via my VPN.

I re-flashed the sd card to a working backup done in late Oct 2022 and all is working well. Tried to update again with sudo pacman -Syu. It took a while but all seemed ok, until a reboot and then no VPN. I noticed that the wired connection had changed to wired connection 2 and the name in ‘ip a’ to end0.

I have done updates after Oct 2022 but none recently

I didn’t notice until this topic - I reckon it is upstream Archlinux Arm which is now using the systemd naming convention for network devices as well.

If you have manually entered a network configuration in /etc/systemd/network - then you need to amend it.


But I hghhly doubt your lack of vpn is connected to this.

Yeah, I suspect that it’s a change in systemd too.

If your VPN is expecting eth0 you need to change that somewhere in the VPN config to be end0.