Unable to connect to SFTP share with SSH key authentication from Dolphin

Hello Friends,

I am using Manjaro KDE (64 bits) desktop version OS on my home desktop. I have set up a home server on Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB with SSH and SSHFS. I am able to connect to this home server SSHFS share through terminal (ZSH). But when I wish to connect to this SFTP site via Dolphin. I followed the following steps -

  1. Loaded Dolphin application
  2. Goto Remote->Network->Add Network Folder->SFTP.
  3. There is no option to choose SSH Keys file. I enter rest of the information, but it fails. Here are the screenshots.

third screenshot

  1. Whereas when I try to login to SFTP from terminal using this command, it works well.
    sftp -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa_gmp ganeshp@

Any guidance on how to correct this will be very helpful. Thanks in advance.


You don’t use default id_rsa keys, so you need to create custom config in ~/.ssh/config file. In your case probably at least with this content:

    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa_gmp

You can create more complex config if you want, go with this guide:

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@Tomek, thanks a ton for sharing this valuable input. Yes, your suggestion worked perfectly. Now I am able to map sftp locations in Dolphin file manager without any issues. You have a great day.


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