Unable to connect to server

Hello, new Manjaro user here.
I’m testing after a new install and am unable in Gnome Files to connect to my Libreelec home theater PC which had no issues connecting from my prior MX-Linux XFCE install.
Whenever I try to connect thru Files with SMB and either the computer name OR the IP address it comes up unable to access location.
I’m attempting to use “Connect to Server” in Files
I can ping the PC from Manjaro with an IP address fine, but not with the PC name
I did install the manjaro-settings-samba package.
I’m at a loss now as to how to connect so I can transfer files to that PC

Have you checked to make sure avahi is running.

Thanks!, I looked up the commands for that and no, it wasn’t, so started it and now can see the other computer in Files but still says unable to access, strange.

I also had to go into the CUPS web page to install my printer as the “settings” printer install found it but wouldn’t install it.
The firewall isn’t running so that wasn’t it