Unable to connect to NAS using AFP or SMB

I’m know to Linux and I’m here after spending some time in different forums trying to figure it out. As a result of one attempt I had to do a reinstall. I tried Mint out for around 2 weeks but had issues with Nemo. So after doing some research I decided to go for a DM built around Dolphin which after using I find far superior.

I’m having a couple of issues, one being that I’m not able to connect to my Netgear NAS. When I used Nemo in Mint I clicked on Network and got 3 icons:

Got error posting image, it’s like: NETGEAR (AFP)…NETGEAR (CIFS)…Windows Network

When I clicked on NETGEAR (AFP) the login screen would popup and ask for uesr name and password. I wasn’t able to log using (CIFS) but AFP gave me read and right access to all my files.

On Manjaro I get this:

FrontView…NETGEAR (AFP)…NETGEAR (CIFS)…NETGEAR [Mac Address]…ReadyNAS Discovery

Looks pretty nice. Clicking on FrontView gives me web access to configuration settings and I can view files but I can’t add or delete files through the web interface. Clicking on NETGEAR (AFP) gives me this:

Could not find and application or handler for afp://netgear.local:548

And clicking on NETGEAR (CIFS) gives me this which is similar to what I got in Mint:

Connection to host netgear.local is broken.

Sorry about the images not uploading I must be doing something wrong. I just need one to work. AFP looks like it is just missing something but I can’t find anything really pacifistic to AFP in Manjaro forums. I tried a number of suggestions to get smb shares to work on CIFS but had no luck with any of them and don’t want to mess things up again. I though I saw somewhere that something could be setup during the installation to fix this issue and I would have no problem doing a reinstall if there is a way to fix it.

Thanks for any help.

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

afpfs-ng is avalable from the repository, but not installed by default. It’s a FUSE-based filesystem driver for AFP.

FUSE itself is a framework for running filesystem drivers in userspace rather than in the kernel, for those filesystems where the license of the code is not compatible with the GPL. FUSE itself is installed by default, but you’ll need to install afpfs-ng yourself.

sudo pacman -S afpfs-ng

… or…

sudo pamac install afpfs-ng

Thanks Aragorn for the quick reply. I think I might have tried that yesterday but can’t remember, anyway still getting the same error message, rebooted still the same. Booted to a drive I have Mint 20.04 on and it’s working there so my NAS should be setup right.

I should mention that I reinstalled yesterday and did all the updates and have not tried to edit or change anything except for your suggestion.

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