Unable to connect to LAN (seems DHCP config isn't resolved)

I’m fairly new to manjaro. At the moment I am facing the problem, of not being able to connect to my LAN network.
I have tested it with other OSs and other machines and there it seems to work. However on my machine which has manjaro installed, I am unable to connect to the network. It seems to me that the system might be unable to resolve the dhcp configuration when set to automatic.

Could anyone provide some assitance with this?

You have to provide some info so others can guess what’s the issue. For example with:

inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --width

(More info about providing system information)

You can also provide IP settings:

ip address

And finally, how are you connecting to the network? cable or WIFI? Do you remember anything else that might be relevant? Did the liveISO connect to internet when you installed Manjaro?

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On top of what previous poster said/asked:

You could/should maybe also provide the full output of:

networkctl status --all

Without technical details of your system and config, all anyone can reply is “Works for me, without problems”…