Unable to clear web cache in FireFox 124.0.1

Hi first of all, I apologize that English is not my mother tongue, but I hope to be able to use a translator to ask my questions.
In FireFox 124.0.1 I am unable to clear manually web cache in about:preferences#privacy; the value remains the same, when I click on delete data
“Storage of cookies, cache and site data currently uses 7.1 MB of disk space”
I have set never keep history, normally all cookies and site data will be clear automatically when FF close. To be precise, I’m in “standard” mode.
What’s wrong? Does anyone know another way to clear the cache? This worked in the previous version of FF
Thanks everybody

I use the Firefox clear cache extension, it is just a click to clear the cache,
comes in very handy while coding web apps

You might take a look at the cache manually, ex;

ls -a ~/.cache/mozilla/firefox/*