Unable to check runlevel

When I try to run runlevel command I get command not found: runlevel
No response for who -r command also
Screenshot from 2024-04-06 01-15-47
I am new to arch. Am I missing something?

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Why do you think runlevel is a command and what are you trying to do, exactly?

Please see:

While Manjaro is based on Arch, Manjaro is not Arch.

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Manjaro and most other Arch-derivatives do not use the traditional System V init anymore. Instead, they use systemd as the init daemon and service manager, and systemd does not work with traditional runlevels. Instead, it uses “targets”.

You can read more about systemd at the pertinent Arch Wiki page.

It used to be, n00b. :stuck_out_tongue:

[teo@teo-lenovo-v15 ~]$ systemctl get-default

I fail to see the point of checking it. If you yourself startet at runlevel 1 by editing kernel parameters to reset the root pass for example, you should know it. Same for 3
If you are in GUI, it is obviously 5…

Scroll to the systemd section.


I am just learning how things work. Thanks btw :pray:

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