Unable to change grub timeout for a live USB stick

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Currently in the process of building a custom ISO of Manjaro following the wiki (Build Manjaro ISOs with buildiso), however I have been unable to change the grub timeout that is present on the “Welcome to Manjaro” screen that one sees initially.

From my understanding this value is stored in /boot/grub/variable.cfg which I am unable to change after creating the ISO.

I have attempted to create the directory in the profile as such:


However this did not take effect.

Changing the grub file in the /etc/default folder also did not change the variable after creating the ISO.

Help is appreciated! Thank you!

Use -x with buildiso - then navigate to your chroots_dir (specified in ~/.config/manjaro-tools/manjaro-tools.conf) - modify as needed then run buildiso with the -zc argument to rebuild images and generate the iso.

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Thank you very much! That is exactly what I needed!

Have a good week!

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