Unable to change default shell

I’m using the latest manjaro gnome.

cat /etc/shells
Pathnames of valid login shells.
See shells(5) for details.

sudo chsh -s /bin/bash
[sudo] password for radu: 
Changing shell for root.
chsh: Shell not changed.

What I notice is that it tries to change the shell for root, while I am logged in as radu.

Dont use sudo if you want to change shell for your user. Use either of these commands:

chsh -s /bin/bash #while logged in as radu
chsh -s /bin/bash radu #while logged in as root

Thank you. That was it.

Just an additional note - for others which may seek up this solution.

If you are using Konsole (KDE Plasma) as your virtual terminal applicaition - you may need to create a new profile to be able to use the desired shell.


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