Unable to build dependencies

Hi, I’ve been trying to update my packages for days, but every time I try I get the error “destination not found: xxx”, where xxx changes. It’s been electron24 for a lot of time, then it changed to cython0 and now to libglibutil. I really don’t know why I have this problem. Is there a way to fix it or, at least, to update just the packages that DON’T require that dependency?
Hope you’ll be able to help me.

Without a full log there’s not much to go on.

From the quoted package names, however, you will find solutions with the forum’s search function.

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How can I provide a log? I mean, I just get the error message during installation, nothing more

sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip
sudo pacman -Syyu

What’s the output?

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It looks like it’s installing with those commands. Maybe it was a pamac problem? I don’t know, I’ll update you as soon as it ends (or there’s an error)

Ok I managed to update most of the packages, but it looks like it’s having some troubles with AUR packages. I’ll try to sort it out, thank you for now

pacman can not install AUR packages.