Unable to build a package that checks for IPv6

Hello. I’m trying to install an AUR package that has the following dependency: nng 1.5.2-1 AUR

This ‘nng’ package does some kind of IPv6 validation while it is being built, but I currently have IPv6 disabled at kernel level.

I found there is a file ‘CMakeList.txt’ under this directory /var/tmp/pamac-build-superuser/nng/src/nng-1.5.2/src/platform

with this line: nng_test(resolver_test)

I tried commenting this line but it seems that when I re-run ‘pamac build’ this setting is lost.

Q: any ideas how can I tell pamac or this nng package to skip this IPv6 validation?


pamac build --no-clone nng


No luck so far with --no-clone, I will try later today some other options, thanks anyway

Tried here :question:

Thanks for the link. I have found an open request[1] for a similar issue. I probably will be enabling IPv6 in order to pass this test. I will close this thread.



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