Unable to boot, think I may have rebooted during a process I shouldn't have

I just installed a new gfx card and I deleted then reinstalled the proprietary driver. After it installed I decided to reboot the pc. I’m assuming this is where I messed something up and it wasn’t done. It gets to the MOBO logo and usually you get the manjaro login then boot. It doesn’t do that. I tried following a thread with someone who had a similar issue to no avail. I’ve also tried the recovery tool and no results either. I even tried reinstalling but it won’t let me reinstall via replacing the old partition, for some reason it will let me use the dual boot windows partition. Currently on the USB boot. Any help would be great.

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Have you already :mag: for your problem in the forum ? (Wisdom lies in asking → listening → reading :wink: )

Search the forum for:how to recover from an interrupted update.