Unable to boot, black screen after overnight lutris game installation

I wanted to download and install Witcher 3 GOY Edition via GOG and Lutris overnight.
The next day in the morning I realized, that my laptop was not plugged in, so it must have run out of battery at some point. I am now unable to boot back into it, no matter which kernel I use to boot, I just see a back screen with my cursor, but nothing happens from here on

so in the black screen can you enter TTY by pressing ctrl + alt + f2 - if f2 doesnt work, try between f3 - f6

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Yes that works,

Apparently my device run out of storage space, what can i do from here on?

first try execute in the TTY: sudo systemctl restart gdm command. However, if you have deployed LightDM display manager in that case execute sudo systemctl restart lightdm command

it looks like you dont have any left space on your drive…:
run these:
sudo parted -l
sudo fdisk -l

What do those commands do?

the restart gdm restarts gnome display manager, those sudo ... commands show info on your drives

Ok done, but what should i look after?

The other output is too large to show and i am not able to scroll up to see all of it

it looks like your hard drives are full… try clearing pamac cache with:"
sudo pacman -Scc
then reboot:
systemctl reboot

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That freed up enough space to let me boot again, i immediately deleted some files afterwards.

Thank you a lot!

glad it worked, but check again your space on your drive also check the size of your logs with:
journalctl --disk-usage

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Gives me this:
Archived and active journals take up 2.1G in the file system.

thats a lot of logs, clear your journal with these commands:
sudo journalctl --rotate
sudo journalctl -m --vacuum-time=1s

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thanks again!

also open the add/remove software, click the 3 dots, go to preferences and in general click the clean button on the bottom … then go to third party and click again the clean button, just to be sure …

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