Unable to add any users (except manjaro)


I am a complete noob to Manjaro (have been a Mint user for quite some time), so please excuse my lack of knowledge.

I downloaded the KDE Plasma Minimal iso and went through the installation process. I defined a new user during installation. The installation went through successfully without any errors. However, post installation :

  1. The system did not ask for any username but instead auto logged in manjaro user.
  2. I again went through the install process to set up the keyboard as well as time zone etc. I also added a new user and changed some default settings (Fonts etc). Saved these (at least the system asked me to confirm the password) and applied and exited.
  3. Just to make sure, I also checked Desktop Session as well as Workspace settings. Removed auto logon from manjaro account.
  4. I then logged out and could see an option to log in with a different user (which I had defined).

I now rebooted the system and all my changes are lost. The users are gone, Font settings are gone, login again happens automatically for manjaro user. The timezone set up is also gone.

Repeated the above process several times, but results are the same.

Where am I going wrong ?

Please help - I dont want to give up (though have struggled for a whole day - googling and finding answers).

Appreciate your guidance

Sachin D

First as a complete noob, I would recommend to use the normal KDE ISO, not the Minimal one, as the Minimal ISO is more for advanced users, who want a stripped down version with way less packages, to be able to install their own packages they want.

I think you boot on your USB (you created a USB bootable key from the ISO, right?), manjaro user is the user of the live session. So I would say remove the USB, and start the computer. What happens?