Unable to activate Fractional Scaling

I know there is already a topic for this issue, but I can not activate it in my session.
I just can use 100% (sooo tiny) or 200% (reminds me of old 800x600 px displays).

How can I activate it, when both “should work solutions” don’t work from here: Fractional Scaling in Gnome

There is no message in terminal after entering both. Already tried logging back in or restarting whole computer. Without success.

(loginctl show-session <SESSION_ID> -p Type bringing up X11 for my fresh mj 20.2 gnome install)

For X11 session you need to install mutter-x11-scaling package.
Not sure if you will also need , or not, to install gnome-controll-center-x11-scaling too …


Could it be that fractional scaling is only enabled in wayland? Perhaps you could try to choose wayland at login and see if its available. Unless you use nvidia card, then no wayland…

Fractional scaling is available in cinnamon which uses x11 and mutter i think

mutter-x11-scis preinstalled (3.38.1-1) and gnome-control-center has no other “sub apps” like -x11-scaling in my repos (and is installed, v 3.38.2-1).

Is not available yet in stable branch, hence still using the older sc package


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Interesting: After a new restart after reinstalling both packs it now works. I am cunfused. But ty. :slight_smile:


Will this be ready for the Manjaro Gnome 40 developmental spin?

An install try kicked out the error … "Warning: removing mutter breaks dependency ‘libmutter-8.so=0-64’ required by gnome-shell. Add gnome-shell to remove.


mutter-x11-scaling and gnome-control-center-x11-scaling for GNOME 40 is now in the unstable repo.

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@Yochanan Thank you.