Unable to Access Windows Network Shares from Hyper-V

Newly installed Manjaro KDE Plasma under Windows 11 Hyper-V. I can access the internet, and I can access the shares on the Windows 11 host. However, I cannot access the shares on the other Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers in the network.

I’ve tried installing smb4k but it only sees the Manjaro installation. Even worse, when I try Open Mount Dialog, the OK button is greyed and nothing I enter makes it available.

I can find no help for this on the internet. I appreciate any insight.

  1. HOST: Windows 11 | GUEST: Manjaro
  2. Manjaro → WIndows 11 :white_check_mark:
  3. Windows 11 → Manjaro :x:


But you said that “Manjaro → Windows 11” works!?

Looks to me like a network bridge issue on the host, therefore windows. Probably the VM needs its own local IP on the local network.

Anyway it is a Windows issue and not a Manjaro one here. This forum doesn’t offer Windows support.

You should ask in a Windows forum - as this is an issue with your host’s virtual network configuration.

To be able to connect to other systems connected to the host’s network you need to configure the virtual network as bridge on contrast to NAT.

The information found at Hyper-V Virtual Networking configuration and best practices might be worth looking at. Cheers.

Need to get Hyper-V in the post subject. Misleading topic.