Ultimate Media Downloader: Failed to find executable

I installed snaps and ultimate media downloader . aside from not really intuiting how media downloader exactly works it returns this

[umd4] Failed to find executable "/home/aoil2/snap/ultimate-media-downloader/11/.local/share/org.keshavnrj.ubuntu/UMD4/bin/yt-dlp". 

so, I’m wondering what package I don’t have or what I’m not doing right.
I did read somewhere that you tube dl is no longer working ; but I don’t know.could anyone fill me in on this snap media downloader ? how do I enable an executable for it ?

thank you

Odds are something in the path or name of the executable has changed since the launcher was created. Have you looked at the directory structure and name of the installed application on your computer and compared them to the path in that error?

I’ll do that . thank you . oh, also , is it supposed to open with “KATE” - the text editor ?

Im not sure, but the error says it cant find something. Odds are a file or folder was renamed at some point. Fixing that is the first step.

This discussion alleged youtube-dl and yt-dlp were not working correctly
Youtube-dl and yt-dlp stopped working after update
But the accepted solution was to omit --download-archive option from yt-dlp

Both youtube-dl and yt-dlp are in Manjaro community repository and should get community support

Ultimate Media Downloader is only available as snap package
Install Ultimate Media Downloader on Linux | Snap Store
There is no link to contact snap maintainer to report issues

Maintainer appears to have moved on to another proprietary project

Ktube - Media Downloader tool For Linux Distributions
Ktube Media Downloader is a Successor of My previous media downloader called Ultimate-Media-Downloader. With the hole re-write of code base and features and design. Ultimate Media Downloader is can be installed from Ubuntu Software Center Application Unlock fee is approx 3 USD.

Ktube Media Downloader is a freeware as it gives you ability to download two Urls daily and allow access to all other application features, in Order to break this limit you have to unlock the full version of application, To Unlock full version there is a In-App payment

Snap store for this package has contact details for maintainer
Install Ktube Media Downloader on Linux | Snap Store

wow. that’s great . thank you .

new job . been working.
have time now but no success- because I don’t really know how to do much of anything in Linux. but I like Manjaro and KDE Plasma .
Ok , for starters I’m only mildly competent with the command line and don’t really know commands.I’m fine copying and pasting instructions and occasionally , after reading a ton of info and guessing at what I might do/type ; basic stuff only . even succeeding at some stuff without doing any noticeable damage .
I’ve never even edited a config file. and I can’t find the config file for Ultimate Media Downloader or the location/path in the system for the app. so I can’t do what Jim B suggested.

Dolphin is different than what I’m used to in Mint or Manjaro XFCE so I don’t know how to see the path.

I have more stuff I’ve done ,after researching etc. , but it’s too much to try to tell. I’ll generalize.

clicked on properties for desktop icon - properties- /applications - enabled open in terminal - open app in terminal-that returns more failures - usually missing pkgs. when I search add/remove software I don’t find them or they don’t install or something else go’s wrong . :face_with_monocle: :grimacing: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :confounded: :weary: :rage:

I did install youtube-dl and yt-dlp

Next - installed [Ktube - Media Downloader tool For Linux Distributions]

opened only in terminal-

QApplication: invalid style override passed, ignoring it.
Fontconfig warning: FcPattern object weight does not accept value [40 210)

Warning: Program ‘/usr/bin/env’ crashed.

bottom line . pretty much lost

While some file managers make it easy by providing a written out path, you can still check the path. Simply have the path in the error in front of you and then click on the folders in the file manager, checking the spelling as you go.

ok , thanks; I managed to follow the path in the error - in Dolphin and there is no executable . the path does seem different , in that the error path shows -

[umd4] Failed to find executable “/home/aoil2/snap/ultimate-media-downloader/11/.local/share/org.keshavnrj.ubuntu/UMD4/bin/yt-dlp” , but the path in dolphin - stops at


in /dolphin/org.keshavnrj - there is folder - “UMD4” and in that , there are 5 more folders ;
tmp - and 1 .dbn file- none of which show an executable file and I don’t know what to open the .dbn with - if I even need to

so I can only guess there’s a pkg not installed , 1 or more that would bring in the executable ?

thanks ; I have to go out now . back later

imgur- Imgur: The magic of the Internet

What is in the bin folder?

it’s empty

I found the download packages for Ktube that shows v1.0 was released in February 2017
Releases · keshavbhatt/Ktube-media-downloader · GitHub

I do not think a >5 year old package will work well with current youtube algorithms

yt-dlp and clipgrab are updated regularly to deal with changes implemented by youtube

yeah , I think you’re right . thank you for looking for that.

and you too Jim B .

I been fightin a losin battle huh ? I’ll think of that next time tho. the time frame and app creator maintenance . ok , so now a new thread .

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