Ugrade to plasma 5.27

Hey, does anyone know how to upgrade to latest plasma even if its beta?
I have searched the web with no luck.


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You wait until it is available.

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Omano, there is no beta version?

Is it available in Manjaro? Don’t answer, it is not. So what do you do? You wait for it to be available in Manjaro. Maybe at some point it will be in the Manjaro KDE-Unstable repository, it is not currently, I checked before replying.

I prefer to run the beta versions and try to provide feedback before the release. This is why I run betas. Thanks for looking into it!

I know Kubuntu had a beta but no luck on Manjaro.

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Then if you want to do that, do that, use KDE provided system and do beta tests, and do proper reports and so on, if that’s what you want to do.

kde-unstable updates every day and contains all latest patches. So it’s already 5.27 and potentially has changes that will be available only in Plasma 6.


OK, then it is still showing 5.26.5 version. Is there a reason it is not 5.27 version?

Shouldn’t it be 5.27 version now?

Last time I asked about 5.27 I got this reply

The package versions are just the current release + commits from master branch, as version 5.27 has not been tagged yet.

5.27 is tagged now, so what does it mean?

Test at your own peril. It will be in the repos when it’s ready.

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