Ugly Notifications after update

Couldn’t find an appropriate answer to my problem but ever since the last update the notification messages (popups) have gotten very ugly.

As you can see from the picture (can’t seem to upload images), the background color and even the font looks ugly.
Wonder if some settings were overwritten or it uses a new config file?

Alas, how can I make it look a tad better?
Any help is appreciated.

What notifications? From your browser? From your DE? What DE?
Are you fully up to date? Or did you do a partial?
Are you using a theme? Which one? Does the problem affect other themes?

Yes, from my DE. Use XFCE as my default Desktop Environment.
Not using any themes other than the default one, and yes, fully up-to-date.

Why am I not able to upload an image? (neither share an imgur link it seems)

Media and links are disabled for new users to cut down on spam and server load.
(it would be nice for it to be tweaked for certain allowances … but this is how it is now)

So by xfce, default … do you mean generic adwaita? or manjaro default ?

Manjaro default. When you go to the xfce4-settings-manager, you get the “Notifications” option. From there you can tweak how the popups will look, how long they’ll last and so on.
So far it’s the same blue ugly box no matter what theme I choose.

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Have you installed another notification daemon in your system? Something like dunst maybe?
From what you’re describing, it seems that xfce4-notifyd is not the default one in your system.


Let’s see if I can upload a pic this time.
Here is the paste.pic ID

Another example:
Here is the paste.pic ID

@bill_t I do have dunst installed.

Judging from the pictures you pointed to, it’s definetely dunst that is being used for the notifications.
The question is, why did you install it in the first place?

Xfce has already a notification service, called xfce4-notifyd.

If you want to use xfce4-notifyd, you can uninstall dunst and then choose a theme for the notifications from the Xfce settings (xfce4-settings-manager).

If you want to keep using dunst, you’ll have to tweak its appearance so that id does meet your needs. This can be done by editing the file ~/.config/dunst/dunstrc.


Couldn’t uninstall Dunst as it broke the i3 WM by being a dependency, so just masked the service to not run at start up.

xfce4-notifyd is now running well :slight_smile:

You can mark his post as solved.

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There is no solve here.
OP has a mixed environment - this thread is tagged ‘xfce’ and they want ‘xfce’ notifications, but they are actually using i3 window manager … blah blah bah … this is all the fault and responsibility of the user.

“Why did my background change? … Because you deleted the file. Now your wallpaper has defaulted to some generic system image or a blank.”

“Why does my browser look different? … Because you installed a different browser, now things open in that one and [surprise] it isnt the same.”


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