UEFI "Select boot device" menu does not see Manjaro

I have a HP laptop and needed to reinstall Manjaro 20.2. I have successfully installed, but when I boot pressing F9, the “Select Boot Device” UEFI menu does not show Manjaro. I am currently in a Elementary OS live USB, here is my current partition table in GParted.

Why doesn’t my UEFI show Manjaro? Please help, as I need my computer to work for tomorrow or I have to use Windows 10. Thanks!

In my UEFI upon bootup there is a page second to last with boot options. Look for something like “Boot Override” and check for Linux boot drive which looks to be /dev/sda8 in your situation.

Hi @LionsSharks15 :wink:

From what i see

  1. /dev/sda1 is the boot efi boot partition.
  2. Why is /dev/sda6 flagged as legacy_boot?
  3. Why is /dev/sda7 flagged as legacy_boot (it is a swap partition)?

I guess only one efi partition needs to be flagged for “boot” if you use grub. Some UEFIs have problems by using 2 efi partitions. You can use the same efi partition in manjaro by mounting /dev/sda1 to /boot/efi while installation.

On my hardware the UEFI boot menu is shown by pressing F8, i thought that was a standard, never heard of F9 in that context…

Anyhow for Manjaro or anyother OS installed in UEFI mode to show up in the UEFI boot menu, it needs to be installed in the ESP.
Legacy installs using the old MBR will only be shown as boot entry for the HD as a whole.

And as noted only the first ESP (per HD) will be considered by a UEFI Bios.
Maybe you were afraid of using the existing ESP and created another, but that is not needed because that is what an ESP is for (To hold boot loaders for many OS’s).

It dependence on the PC brand and Bios manufacturer. For me for instance it is F12

Nice listing but it has errors, fe. on my ASUS i enter bios using F2 or DEL :slight_smile:
But anyhow thx, didn’t know there was that much difference :+1: