UEFI entry for Manjaro got deleted

Recently I had to send my laptop for repair due to issue in charging port. Previously I used Manjaro KDE in dual boot along with Windows.
For setting up dual boot, I had followed this guide. So, I have two EFI partitions (for Manjaro and Windows respectively).
During the repair, the technician might have done some BIOS flash, due to which, the Manjaro UEFI entry got deleted.
The Manjaro partition is present, EFI partition for Manjaro is also present. Data is also present. How do I use grub again in this case?
Can I follow GRUB/Restore_the_GRUB_Bootloader wiki? Reinstalling grub will create the UEFI entry too?
Also, another question, will manjaro-chroot -a automatically detect the correct EFI partition (the one of Manjaro) and mount to /boot/efi ?
If at all relevant, both secure boot and fast startup are already disabled.
Thanks for the help in advance :slight_smile:

Yes, exactly.

It should AFAIK, but you can also simply check your mounts after manjaro-chrooting:

$ mount | grep efi

Thanks for the reply! Will try to do the restore over the weekend.

A uefi update often resets its variables to default. Including the boot menu. Happened to my lenovo too. Do not forget to check the other relevant settings too, like disabling secure boot.