Udisks requires root password to mount internal drives

Hey guys.
I’m honestly not sure if this is the correct section, so please allow me to apologise in advance if it is not.

I have recently reinstalled my Manjaro, and now, for whatever reason, when I want to mount one of the internal drives I use ‘Udisks’, demands my password. I’ve turned it off for usb drives - I don’t have drives from unknown compuers in the house anyway.
It does not appear to matter what formatting the drive has - I’ve tried a few drives over the month since my install, including an old NTFS drive; most of them are in Exfat. 2½" SSD, a couple 2½" sata drives, and the 3½" 20TB storage drive I use all the time.

Is there a way to make this stop? I don’t put drives in my computer I don’t approve access to.

This may be of interest


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We have seen quite a few topics on this.

I really don’t understand why they have begun to appear.

The commons I think I have understood from the topics

  • gnome-disks has been used to create fstab entries
  • partitions is often using windows originated filesystems

I have several internal devices and a lot of removable - never been prompted as described?

Some of the speculations

  • /etc/udisks2/ contains configuration which - for some reason - causes the prompt
  • group permission / member ship
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Hi, if you want a quick explanation as to why and a quick fix, please follow the instructions here [Stable Update] 2024-01-13 - Kernels, Systemd, Qt5, Mesa, Dbus, Firefox, Thunderbird - #123 by fsw

If you want more gory details and a longer version, you can check my post here Need to put in pasword to open drive now, why? (drive is in system) - #7 by fsw
and the second part (the first part being about groups) from my following post there Need to put in pasword to open drive now, why? (drive is in system) - #11 by fsw

Hope this helps!


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