UDisks crashing, causing all kinds of chaos

Hi all, just to try and make a point that this is really kicking my ass right now, the details are here: udisksd keeps crashing when starting sddm and kde · Issue #1193 · storaged-project/udisks · GitHub

However, TLDR:

There are issues with both libblockdev and libnvme which will cause UDisks 2.10.1 to crash with stack smashing issues under certain circumstances. This can also take systemd with it under certain circumstances, which will cause a whole system crash.

I also believe this to be behind the problem I have had whereby if I boot with a thunderbolt hub attached, I will get logged out of KDE after a short while, and not be able to login or switch to another TTY after this has happened.

I don’t know why this is not affecting both of my machines, but it is causing absolute chaos on the one it is affecting, I can only boot properly about half the time, even with the thunderbolt hub disconnected.

The relevant patches have been pushed upstream, although libnvme is only in testing upstream, so just to ask that we can please get this into a release soon!

Yours crashily,


Neither do I.

If machines are identical, and, I do mean identical, in terms of hardware and connected peripherals – you might start by verifying that BIOS/UEFI are the same versions on both, and that all settings are likewise identical; the preference obviously given to the unit that is apparently trouble-free. Cheers.

:grin: :+1:

If you need them asap then the unstable branch will have them shortly after Arch Linux packages them (which should be very soon).

Ah, not identical machines, but very similar. Clearly not similar enough (thankfully on this occasion)

I’ll muddle through for now, otherwise I am in danger of introducing instabilities that I cannot work around :wink:

Just wanted to vent, and to leave something here so that the dots were connected. Took me some time to realise what the problem was.