Ubuntu Studio Apps on Manjaro in Batch

Hello Friends, please help me.

Since 2010 i was using Ubuntu, but now i am in Manjaro.

Runs better and is Wonderful but…

I want all the apps from Ubuntu Studio in my Manjaro.

I Copied command-lines from the deb files, tried to use terminal pacman aur, octopi and others.

Please, there is a equivalent to a Ubuntu Studio Installer for Manjaro?

Install one by one is insanity. :smiley:

Ubuntu Studio is a separate distribution. What applications are you referring to? Some may be in the AUR.

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Yes they are, but installing one by one is insanity.

libavcodec-extra osspd audacity blender devede ffmpeg ffmpeg2theora inkscape k3b kdenlive obs-studio qwinff subtitleeditor synfigstudio v4l2loopback-dkms v4l2loopback-utils vokoscreen-ng xjadeo calibre font-manager fontforge gimp gimp-data-extras gimp-gap gimp-plugin-registry musescore3 plume-creator scribus
darktable digikam entangle gimp gimp-data-extras gimp-gap gimp-plugin-registry hugin icc-profiles-free kipi-plugins rapid-photo-downloader siril blender create-resources gimp gimp-data-extras gimp-gap gimp-plugin-registry inkscape kcolorchooser krita mypaint openclipart-svg pikopixel.app synfigstudio xserver-xorg-input-wacom cm-super-x11 fonts-adf-accanthis fonts-adf-baskervald fonts-adf-berenis fonts-adf-gillius fonts-adf-ikarius fonts-adf-irianis fonts-adf-libris fonts-adf-mekanus fonts-adf-oldania fonts-adf-romande fonts-adf-switzera fonts-adf-tribun fonts-adf-universalis fonts-adf-verana fonts-agave fonts-alee fonts-ancient-scripts fonts-atarismall fonts-beteckna fonts-bpg-georgian fonts-breip fonts-dejavu-extra fonts-dkg-handwriting fonts-dustin fonts-ecolier-court fonts-ecolier-lignes-court fonts-essays1743 fonts-f500 fonts-georgewilliams fonts-goudybookletter fonts-inconsolata fonts-inter fonts-isabella fonts-jsmath fonts-junicode fonts-jura fonts-larabie-deco fonts-larabie-straight fonts-larabie-uncommon fonts-league-spartan fonts-lindenhill fonts-linex fonts-linuxlibertine fonts-lyx fonts-manchufont fonts-noto-hinted fonts-noto-mono fonts-ocr-a fonts-ocr-b fonts-oflb-euterpe fonts-okolaks fonts-opensymbol fonts-osifont fonts-radisnoir fonts-sil-andika fonts-sil-charis fonts-sil-doulos fonts-sil-gentium fonts-sil-gentium-basic fonts-summersby fonts-tiresias fonts-tomsontalks fonts-tuffy fonts-ubuntu-title gsfonts gsfonts-other lmodern t1-cyrillic t1-oldslavic t1-teams t1-xfree86-nonfree ttf-aenigma ttf-bitstream-vera ttf-engadget ttf-sjfonts ttf-staypuft ttf-unifont ttf-xfree86-nonfree ttf-xfree86-nonfree-syriac xfonts-scalable abgate aeolus amb-plugins autotalent avldrums.lv2 bchoppr blepvco blop bsequencer bslizr caps cmt csladspa dpf-plugins-lv2 dpf-plugins-vst dragonfly-reverb drumkv1-lv2 dssi-host-jack dssi-utils eq10q fil-plugins fluidsynth-dssi foo-yc20 geonkick ghostess hexter invada-studio-plugins-lv2 ir.lv2 jconvolver lsp-plugins-lv2 lsp-plugins-vst lv2vocoder mcp-plugins mda-lv2 omins padthv1-lv2 rev-plugins rubberband-ladspa samplv1-lv2 swh-lv2 synthv1-lv2 tap-plugins vco-plugins vocproc wah-plugins whysynth x42-plugins xsynth-dssi zam-plugins zita-at1 zita-lrx zita-mu1 zita-resampler zita-rev1 a2jmidid alsa-tools alsa-tools-gui ffado-dbus-server ffado-mixer-qt4 ffado-tools jack-keyboard jack-tools jackd2 linuxaudio-new-session-manager meterbridge midisnoop mudita24 pulseaudio-module-jack qasconfig qashctl qasmixer qjackctl qmidiarp qmidinet qmidiroute rtirq-init studio-controls vkeybd zita-ajbridge ableton-link-utils agordejo ardour audacity carla csound dgedit discodos drumgizmo fluid-soundfont-gm fluidsynth guitarix hydrogen hydrogen-drumkits jack-mixer jamin kid3-qt linuxaudio-new-session-manager mcpdisp multimedia-puredata musescore3 petri-foo phasex puredata qsynth qtractor rakarrack sooperlooper whysynth yoshimi

You don’t need to install them one by one.

pamac install package1 package2 package3
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Write down the names of your apps (you already have done that).

Look for these
(or on occasion different, but similar)
apps in the Manjaro repository or in the AUR.


… it’s not insanity - it’s just how you deal with a different distribution you’d like to use while perusing the same apps.

And you can, once you know their names in Manjaro/Arch land, install them with one single command …

Keep in mind that the Ubuntu Studio Creators also might have done some configuration to make it all easy and work without user intervention.
You might need to spend time on recreating that …

I too have come from Ubuntu Studio, but did not use ALL of the apps.

Studio included several duplicate apps in the various categores, determine which of those you actually made use of and just include those in your Manjaro.

hope this helps,

Most of this is in the official repository at first sight, some in the AUR as mudita24-git for example

Some package names are different here, libavcodec-extra is part of ffmpeg, fonts- is not used as prefix here but ttf- or otf-

ffado-mixer-qt4 does not exist here, also because still use Qt4 which is long dead

Anyway you’re not got use all the programs in one day, so just install the things when you need them