Ubisoft Connect Not Opening Via Steam

I installed Ghost Recon Wildlands via steam & it needs the ubisoft connect to run the game. After ubisoft connect got installed, it is just showing a transparent blank screen & nothing else. What to do?

Check ProtonDB and PCGamingWiki.

You may get better support here specifically Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands (460930) · Issue #1507 · ValveSoftware/Proton · GitHub

The Lutris install script for Ubisoft Connect Lutris - Open Gaming Platform also has some good info to have this piece of software to work (dont install in Lutris, but it is good for information):

  - write_file:
      content: "overlay:\n  enabled: false\n  forceunhookgame: false\n  fps_enabled:\
        \ false\n  warning_enabled: false\nuser:\n  closebehavior: CloseBehavior_Close"
      file: $GAMEDIR/drive_c/users/$USER/Local Settings/Application Data/Ubisoft Game

This part writes into the config file so it enables/disables some config to avoid issues, so open settings.yml from your Steam Proton prefix /home/YOURNAME/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/460930/pfx/drive_c/users/$USER/Local Settings/Application Data/Ubisoft Game Launcher/ basically should be something like that:

enabled: false
forceunhookgame: false
fps_enabled: false
warning_enabled: false
closebehavior: CloseBehavior_Close

Don’t copy/paste that, edit your current YML file so you keep the indentation and all, it is just for helping that I posted the above snippet.