U-boot boot order SD [ on Pinebook Pro ]

I have the current uboot-pinebookpro installed on eMMC. It appears to prefer eMMC to SD - unlike the u-boot that came installed on the machine, along with Manjaro Linux, which would boot SD if present.

Would it be possible to get a u-boot somewhere that prioritizes SD? Possibly that old version from an older Manjaro release date?

(From pine64 org – "
At this time, the Pinebook Pro ships with a Manjaro + KDE build with u-boot on the eMMC. Its boot order is: SD, USB, then eMMC. ")

(I guess I could install tow-boot, but it would be kind of tricky, since tow-boot installs from a .img and I’d have to disable eMMC to boot that from SD. Further complicating matters, something about my hardware (?) causes u-boot to hang when I try to type in commands.)

Right, when I changed to the firmware of Megi our patches get not applied there …
Check 2023.07-0.1: Pipelines · manjaro-arm / packages / core / uboot-pinephonepro · GitLab

Thanks - I don’t know anything about Megi, but I guess it may have something to do with pinephone. To be clear, this is a Pinebook Pro.

We use the Kernel by Megi and switched also to his firmware. If you use the rockchip binary version you get a similar battery life as the original pinephone has, however that binary is proprietary …