Typos and Grammar improvements for UM700 MJR shop listing

specs on the site tells:
2×DDR4 2400MHz 8 Dual channel (SODIMM Slots×2)
please fix that single 8 w/o a payload unit.

Luanch Time

Memory  2×DDR4 2400MHz 8 Dual channel (SODIMM Slots×2)

What is wrong?

8 perhaps GB, not broken alone 8 number: like eight dual channel.

Ah OK, it is missing GB after the 8. And Launch is misspelled.

Your message is very cryptic. Also I guess it should be addressed by MinisForum, not sure the Manjaro team can fix typo on their website.

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yes. got it, thank you. will let them know :+1:


Also on the Specifications tab:

3 * SB3.1 Port(Gen2 , Blue)

Should be:
3 * USB3.1 Port(Gen2 , Blue)

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1 * USB3.0 Port×1(Gen1 , 2.0A Max output , shutdown charging , Yellow)

that single USB port item posted twice in the line: 1 * and ×1

I removed Solution mark from the thread according to that new posts.

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