Typing Unicode Characters

I’m wondering if there’s a way to type in Unicode characters without the need of copying and pasting from a site like Unicode Table. I’ve searched the web and found for some other distributions it’s possible to type Ctrl+Shift+u followed by the Unicode hex to insert the character most places. Is that available on Manjaro or is it more a desktop thing? I’m using KDE and haven’t found anything on the web about KDE doing this.

Ctrl+Shift+u works on Manjaro GNOME edition. Maybe the compose key could be of some help if directly entering unicode numbers doesn’t work on KDE.

I’m new to KDE and am not sure what the compose key is. I saw some web pages talking about that with KDE but I didn’t know what they were talking about. How do I set that up?


Great, thanks for that link. I followed the instructions there, mapped Right Alt as the compose key, then followed the instructions at a website called newton.cx/~peter (sorry I can’t add the link) to add his file to my home directory as .XCompose and now I can type the Greek letters I was wanting to.

If you regularly need Greek characters an easy way is to add a Greek keyboard layout. I did this and set SHIFT+CAPSLOCK to switch between them so I can easily type e.g. Ω etc… The hard bit might be remembering where they are.

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That’s actually a much easier way of doing things. Thanks for the heads up!

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