Typing Custom Shortcut dysfunctional?


I’m posting here because I want to set a shortcut to type the characters ‘<’ and ‘>’.
Indeed, my keyboard doesn’t include this keys and I need them to code.



So, when I try to set a new shotcut to type these characters, it works partially: the inferior character shortcut just prints the superior character without any reason, whatever the key combination I can set, even when I disable the superior character shortcut.

Well thank you in advance for your help guys.

You don’t have to directly set > or < keys in “Action” tab. For example on a us layout one has to press Shift+. to get > and Shift+, to get <. So set action accordingly. I can’t figure out which language and layout you are using but I hope you get the idea here.

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More useful for typing special characters than such shortcuts is Compose key – you can set it in keyboard settings :wink:

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Well I’m using the french layout. As you can see, these characters are usually included on an other key.

But that gaves me the idea to try all AltGr and AltGr + Shift combinations, and I finally found it : AltGr + Shift + Z and AltGR + Shift + X (this doesn’t work on Windows so this is specific to Manjaro I guess)

However the solution of @Tomek looks working perfectly and would be fine for other characters, so thank you both for the solution :grin:

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